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NIDO living hosted a private party on Saturday, October 26, to celebrate the opening of our contemporary furniture showroom. The event showcased a dozen product lines available exclusively in the Bay Area at NIDO living as well as the work of several local San Francisco artists.

NIDO living features contemporary Italian and American furnishings for home and office, including furniture, lighting, rugs, closet and wall systems, art and accessories. Items in the store reflect Tammy’s and my personal aesthetic, which values beautiful lines and textures as well as high quality construction. In curating the showroom, we made a point of focusing more on the design of individual pieces, rather than brand names, as a way to introduce something different, yet still exceptional, to our customers.

While I manage the showroom, Tammy provides interior design services to her predominantly Peninsula and South Bay clients. She’s passionate about great design and I can tell she truly enjoys working with her clients. It’s incredibly satisfying when she hears them say ‘I love it’ when she finds the perfect piece of furniture, or when they walk into a room or home she’s redesigned for them.

Besides appealing to nesters (“nido” means “nest” in Italian and Spanish), NIDO living has special offerings for design professionals, including competitive trade pricing, invitation-only events, and preferred access to our in-store, glass-walled design center for their private client meetings.

Although our showroom has been unofficially open since July 26, 2013, the grand opening party made it official. Invited guests included current showroom customers, clients from Tammy’s previous Cupertino-based furniture store (NUIMAGE), designers, family and friends. About 120 people attended, and I can honestly say it was a terrific event. Great food. Great music (shout out to DJ Brian Lu), and a great vibe. Everyone seemed to be having a really good time. We couldn’t have asked for a better debut.

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